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How to successfully set up and run your business

Perfect for
Start-Ups, Self-Employed, Entrepreneurs, Established Businesses and Nonprofits.

"It's All About Your Business" is a step-by-step instruction and resource guide featuring current best practices and real resources to start or improve your existing business or nonprofit enterprise. From start-ups to established companies, "It's All About Your Business" is one all-encompassing resource for what you need to know to succeed.

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Topics Covered In "It's All About Your Business"

Here is a quick overview of some of the best practices you will learn about.

How To Set Up Your Business

Setting your business up correctly.

Selecting the proper memorable name.
Registering your business.

Preparing for success.

Start-Up Phase

Naming your products and services.

Getting the best domain.
The value of professional email.

The perfect company logo.

Running Your Business

Preparing your pitch and presentation.
Flyers, catalogs, and sell sheets.

Understand and know your products.
How to become a professional.

Digital Marketing

The values of a quality website.

Simple solutions to eCommerce stores.

Establishing a Google Business Account
Understanding SEO

Preparing For Success

Why your products should have logos.

Your brand identity and consistency.

Having a brand style guide.

Why you still need business cards.

Social Media

Why it is the key to growing your business

Pay-per-click and Facebook ads.
Why this is where sales and growth start.
What are the best platforms for you.

Why You Must Use Video

The popularity of video in marketing.
The power of video for increasing sales.
The credibility of using video.

More Valauble Information

The value in grassroots marketing.

Organizations you should join.
Community Involvement. Giving Back


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"It's All About Your Business"

What Our Readers Are Saying

List of chapters included in the ebook

Tonny Smith

Real Estate Broker

“Love the content in this presentation. It is real and valuable information that I'm able to apply to my existing business every day.


Barry Townsend

Executive Director for a Nonprofit

“Perfect explanation on every topic. simple to read, understand and put into practice. This publication is worth every penny. 


Sue Starks

Owner of a Wellness Spa

I am constantly focused on growing our business, and this is the best tool I found to accelerate our success using social media.


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List of chapters included in the ebook

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About The Author


Tim Downey

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Tim Downey started his first business the day after he graduated high school in 1974. He has spent the last 30 years creating, developing, manufacturing, branding, and marketing many well-known products and brands that are popular in both national and international markets.

As founder and co-owner of Suite 104 Productions, Tim has developed and implemented digital marketing and branding strategies for over 250 clients (for profit and non-profit sectors) since opening the business. Focused on custom-built websites, strategic digital advertising campaigns, and engaging video produced by in-house video teams, the results have made positive impacts on clients and kudos in public reviews.

His experience and successes make him uniquely qualified to teach, train, and support new and established businesses in the quest for success.

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