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2D & 3D Animation
Video Production.


In terms of creating an animation video, 2D differs from 3D. In 2D, frames are created to define sequence whereas 3D has better depth, and it looks realistic. One image is seen from one angle at a time in 2D. On the contrary in 3D, it is a more advanced digital environment.

2D animation usually looks like a flat image in which characters and objects imitate movements

Image-based representation. The popular format of a three-dimensional video is a stereoscopic video composed by two video signals, one for each eye. It is the image-based format used by movie theaters and current 3D TV for home entertainment.

Animation provides you with the freedom to defy nature, create scenes or actions that are physically impossible, and bring unworldly characters to life

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2D & 3D Video Animation Samples

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Importance Of Videos In Branding & Marketing. 

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